Thermostatic Mixing Valves

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We specialise in the installation, repair and testing of all thermostatic mixing valves.

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A Thermostatic Mixing Valve is a device that ensures your home or building’s hot water remains at the correct temperature, at all times thus preventing burns and scalds. Over 80% of scalds and burns requiring admission to hospital are caused by hot water and are caused primarily from immersion in baths containing water heated to unsafe temperatures or as a result of young children turning on hot taps whilst bathing. A thermostatic mixing valve mixes hot and cold water in such a way as to maintain the set temperature of the mixed water at the outlet. Tempering & thermostatic mixing valve installation and maintenance is mandatory on all new mains pressure hot water unit installations.

We are a TMV accredited licenced plumbers and specialise in the installation, repair, alteration, maintenance and testing of all thermostatic mixing valves (TMV). Tempering valves are a safe, simple and economical solution to providing warm water for personal hygiene and bathing in domestic mains pressure water heater installations.

Our highly experienced plumbing professionals at WSG Group can give you advice on tempering valve installation and maintenance and provide the safest solution for your hot water system.

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