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We offer a complete range of TV antenna installation services, including digital TV antennas, reception problem solutions, additional TV outlets and a full range of strata TV services. If you’re unable to resolve your TV reception issues we will do a full assessment of your current antenna system and diagnose any reception problems using specialised equipment. We are fully insured, and qualified and all our products come with industry-leading warranties.

There are many causes of poor TV reception. This could be cabling, splitters, connectors, amplifiers, incorrect installation or an antenna that has moved off alignment. Poor TV reception can also be caused by Storm damage. High winds can damage antennas and heavy rain can cause shorting and other issues.

If it is an antenna repair you require, our technician can make an assessment and provide you with a free onsite quote accordingly.

For a no-fuss installation of TV antennas or a free onsite quote contact the team at WSG Group.

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