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Having overloaded electrical components or loose connections in your factory/home is a serious fire hazard, and substantially increases the risk of an unexpected power outage. In the case of a factory, a power failure or electrical fault in components such as switches, fuses, switchboards, transformers, motors, sub-stations, transmission lines, circuit operating devices, control equipment and circuit breakers could cost you money by the minute and pose a serious hazard.

Using our thermal imaging camera and state of the art equipment is the best cost-effective way of identifying potential problem areas in electrical and mechanical equipment which can aid in the detection of:

  • Water infiltration
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Excessive moisture in building materials
  • Stud / Joist / Beam / Rafter placement and structure
  • Insulation gaps, insufficiency and unevenness
  • Electrical drops, panels, breakers, switches and wire connections
  • Heating and cooling duct placement, insulation, air leaks
  • Pipe location

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