24/7 Electrical Service

For all electrical emergencies call 1800 186 597

Emergency Electricians Central Coast & Sydney, 24 Hours 7 Days a Week, 365 days a Year!

Our emergency electrical fleet is fully equipped and ready to respond to your emergency, domestic, commercial and industrial needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call our dedicated team at WSG Group for a fast response 24/7.
Electrical preventative maintenance and safety inspections are essential for the stability of any electrical system.

Our fully qualified electricians are well equipped with thermal technologies, providing a pro-active maintenance program to ensure problem areas are identified and inspected on a regular basis.

What Is Classed As An Electrical Emergency?

  • If you see sparks coming from anywhere – except your wood burning fireplace.
  • If you have lost all power and no one else in the street is affected. If power lines have come down on your property.
  • If you suspect there are live wires exposed in or around your home.
  • If there is smoke coming from an electrical connection such as a power point.
  • If lights are flickering in the breaker panel.

If your experiencing any sort of electrical emergency contact the professionals at WSG Group immediately on 1800 186 597. For all other inquires please visit our Contact page.

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