Grease And Silt Arrestors

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Grease Trap Arrestor

Grease Trap Arrestors are an ideal solution to the removal of grease from trade wastewater.
Our Grease Traps are installed in commercial service and manufacturing environments such as the automotive industry, , kitchens, restaurants, food manufacturing facilities and retail food service to trap grease, oil and contaminants before they enter waste and water pipelines to prevent build-up and damage to the waste lines and the environment. Some features of our Grease trap arrestors are the following:

– Robust, durable, high quality construction
– Above ground and below ground options
– Secondary Pump boxes to overcome gravity problems at both the inlet and outlet
– The best design advice in the industry
– Easy and Quick installation
– Can be customised to suit location

Silt Arrestors

The Silt Arrestor acts as a filter system with an internal (removable) strainer. With a steel grate and frame cover located into ground level of wash down bays, Silt Arrestors are used in kitchens, food preparation areas, commercial and bin wash bays, auto and mechanic repair workshops, and car/truck wash bays.

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