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We design, install & test backflow prevention.

At WSG Group we specialise in providing & installing a range of backflow prevention devices for both domestic and commercial use.

For water to flow continuously from a tap, the water supply must be maintained at a consistent high pressure. When a problem occurs with the water supply, due to a broken or blocked pipe, or high demand for water supply, the water pressure available would decrease significantly. If this happens, contaminates from the surrounding areas may also be sucked into the water supply.

To prevent this from happening, a mechanical backflow prevention device is installed.

Only licenced plumbers who are accredited for backflow prevention testing are able to install backflow prevention device to comply with Australian Standard AS2845 requirements. Keeping the community and its waters healthy requires a frequent backflow prevention device inspection (RPZ). This is a specialised valve designed to prevent potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the water supply. And when it comes to backflow prevention testing you can trust WSG Group to do the job for you.

We are accredited and specialise in the installation, repair and testing of backflow prevention devices. As a property owner with a backflow prevention device it is your responsibility that this device is maintained correctly by a fully accredited plumber. WSG Group can walk you through the compliance and regulatory requirements including the submission of a certificate of compliance after installation and the yearly testing certification.

If you are moving to a new property and require a new backflow prevention device WSG Group can advise you on the property’s hazard rating and install the correct device for your property and to ensure you comply with Sydney Water’s backflow device requirements.

For existing properties, during our inspections, we will conduct a range of tests to ensure that your backflow prevention device will stop the reverse flow of water from unsafe sources into your drinking supply system.

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