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We offer a huge range of safety switches & safety upgrades.

We Specialise in Safety Switch Installation Repair & Maintenance.

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WSG Group offer a huge range of safety switches, safety upgrades, repairs and safety installations. Our professional team of experts have many years experience working in the industry and their priority is to keep you and your family safe. Home safety is of utmost importance to us and our team of expert electricians take pride in offering only the best safety and security services they would offer their own family.

3 Reasons to Upgrade your Switchboard

1/ Older switchboards cannot handle the increased demand for power

With the increased use of appliances and technology in today’s households, it can put immense stress on your older switchboard. Older switchboards were designed to protect the demand for power when the house was built. If you house also has old wiring throughout, this could be a real danger and recipe for disaster. Make sure you avoid this and upgrade your switchboard now! The team at WSG Group will provide you with the right advise and ensure you and your family are safe in your home.

2/ Safety Switches are required by Australian Electrical Standards

The current electrical standards are that all lighting and power circuits must have protection by safety switches to protect your home against electrical hazards.
Safety switches are hard wired protection in your switchboard that will cut off power in the event of an electrical hazard. You can basically say that safety switches save lives!

3/ Risk Of Fire

Older switchboards that only have rewire-able fuses pose a huge fire risk.
Electrical overloads in switchboards can result in a lower ability to protect circuits and therefore the very real possibility of wires melting or overheating behind the switchboard.

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